Replacement and Replaceability

Welcome to the website of the 8th Graduate Conference in Culture Studies titled “Replacement and Replaceability in Contemporary Culture”. This conference is organized by PhD researchers in culture studies at the Lisbon Consortium, at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Lisbon Portugal. The conference will take place on 6 and 7 December 2018.

During the event, we aim to discuss the ways in which the concept of ‘replacement’ can be understood and productively used for the study of contemporary culture. Replacement has been one of the central concepts for cultural analysis for quite some time, and, at the risk of overstating this claim, one could say that replacement is a concern in all fields of knowledge dealing with the study of culture today. It is, however, rarely the central concern in academic discussion. This event aims to contribute to a more detailed analysis of the uses, misuses, and usefulness, of this particular concept for the study of cultural objects.

A point of departure for the conference is the relative invisibility of replacement as a conceptual tool. There seems to be a kind of hesitance to use this concept in cultural analysis because it allows for so many different understandings and can sometimes be read as an ‘umbrella term,’ a concept with too many different meanings and interpretations to productively analyze anything in specific. Rhetorically highlighting the ways in which the notion of replacement itself is prone to being replaced by different but related concepts may shed light on the way in which this notion functions and acquires different meanings over time and in specific contexts. For more information on the conference, please have a look at the Call for Papers section of this website.